Tap into Safety’s great minds, then share the lessons across your organisation.

E-Tecknowledgy Vodcasting is our unique platform, utilising Skype to connect SAFEmap’s thought leaders, with our client’s for conversations about anything and everything related to safety. This provides the opportunity for our client’s, to tap into the minds of great thinkers such as Corrie Pitzer, Linclon Eldgige, Sydney Dekker and Todd Conklin to gain their insights and perspectives on the matters within your organisation.


The conversations are open and honest, and offer new ways of thinking and talking about safety related events.

The interview is recorded and packaged into a polished, branded video production which includes the interview and other graphics and imagery to help demonstrate the content discussed.

The finished production can be shared across your organisation and as you grow your library of lessons learned.


The types of topics covered may include:

  • Current Challenges
  • Incident Analysis
  • Culture Change
  • Risk Perception
  • Great delusions in Safety
  • Moving beyond ‘Zero’ and talking about genuine trust and care

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