Our Interactive online training modules are designed to engage and inspire learners in new ways.

But what is eLearning? It’s simple, eLearning is learning through the use digital technologies outside of a traditional classroom. At E-Tecknowledgy our eLearning solutions take the shape of 3 core streams. Interactive online Modules, Micro-learnings and Webinars.

Interactive Online Modules

Our interactive eLearning packages are designed to immerse and engage learners into the material and start to view safety through a different light. Our team have produced a vast library of sophisticated, interactive and engaging eLearning modules for leading organisations globally. We also have a vast library of existing content featuring thtough leaders in Corrie Pitzer and Sydney Decker.

 Packaged within each module may be raft of multimedia rich content including:

  • Videos (icons for each)
  • Quizzes and Assessments
  • Dynamic graphics
  • Animation
  • Gamification

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Our Micro-learnings are bite-sized learning videos (often 3-10 mins long) designed to meet a specific learning outcomes. They are informal and entertaining, with a focus on building knowledge through story-telling and real life examples. Micro-learnings can be easily be accessed smart devices and provide fast and simple access to meaningful information.

Our vast library of online training modules available to our clients cover topics including:

  • Risk Perception
  • Human Factors
  • Risk Behaviours
  • Risk Migration
  • Risk Response
  • Attitudes, Values and Beliefs
  • Risk Techniques


We offer a wide range of webinars offering Safemap’s insights into topics suitable for any organisation.

The type of webinars we offer include:

  • The safety leader – what is different
  • The myth of human error
  • The failure of safety rewards – and the damage they cause
  • Measuring safety, the new way
  • HOP – what does it mean and how do you do it?
  • Analysis of a disaster

Customised Production

We also offer fully customised builds through end-to-end production services. There is also the option of creating hybrid modules, by incorporating elements from our library of E-Tecknowledgy content into company branded learning modules. See more about Customised Production here.