SAFEmap has proven experience internationally of delivering significant interventions to large clients:

  • Successfully completed a safety culture and maturity assessment of large utilities companies in the USA, namely Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Southern Nuclear, Southern Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power and Southern Company Services
  • Successfully completed a comprehensive safety culture and maturity assessment and designed and delivered a culture change program for Boeing Defence
  • Successfully completed a safety leadership development and risk culture change for Umicore, a large European corporation.
  • Deployed comprehensive leadership training and development for BHPBilliton (Potash) and Potashcorp
  • Implemented tailored risk behavioural intervention programs for many clients, including Kinross Gold, Goldcorp, Tucson Power and others
  • Developed advanced studies and published a paper on risk culture and behaviour, and presented to organizations such as ASSE, NSC and ICMM in London